Statewide Reach Codes Program

Building California's Future.

Collaborating with cities, counties and stakeholders to drive reach code development and adoption for long-term climate and energy efficiency benefits.

Reach Code Frontrunner: Santa Monica

The quintessential southern California beach town, Santa Monica hugs the Pacific Coast while ringed by Los Angeles on its remaining three sides. With nearly 93,000 residents, world-famous beach and Pier, the City also boasts one of the oldest commitments to sustainable building practices in the state and nation. The City first proposed its Sustainable City Plan in 1992 and in 1994, was one of the first cities in the nation to formally adopt a comprehensive sustainability plan, setting waste reduction and water conservation policies for both public and private sector through its Office of Sustainability and the Environment. In 2016, Santa Monica adopted its first reach ordinances and continues to demonstrate its commitment with its 2019 adoption of a comprehensive package of reach ordinances.

5 Paths to Reach Beyond

Local Energy Updates

Where are Local Governments Adopting Reach Codes?

The interactive map displays where, when, and how other cities in California have adopted reach codes.

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  • SDGE - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • The Gas Company - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • Southern California Edison - An EDISON INTERNATIONAL® Company
  • PG&E Corporation

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