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Require dual drainage plumbing and/or dual water supply plumbing in residential dwellings

Require dual drainage plumbing to enable graywater diversion into a future graywater irrigation system. Require dual water supply plumbing for future use of recycled water, rainwater, or treated graywater for toilet flushing.

  • Enabling measures are forward-looking
  • Cost at new construction significantly less than retrofit
  • Saving water also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Potential to improve reliability of local water supplies
  • Potential to reduce impact on downstream wastewater treatment facilities
  • Preparation for drought years
  • No need for cost-effectiveness study or CEC approval
  • No direct water savings associated with enabling measures

Model Water Efficient New Development Ordinance (MWENDO) 17 measures that cover indoor and outdoor water use

Establishes requirements for new developments promoting water use efficiency and alternate sources of water supply

  • Saving water also saves energy
  • Wide range of measure costs and complexity
  • Preparation for drought years
  • Enabling measures are forward-looking
  • Water is relatively inexpensive to the end-user
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