Reach Codes Results: Residential Retrofits Cost-effectiveness Webinar

Reach Codes Results: Residential Retrofits Cost-effectiveness Webinar


Webinar - Online

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Please join us for a presentation on the results of our newly-completed analysis of residential retrofit measures and measure packages.

A preliminary cost-effectiveness study on existing residential building upgrades was published by the statewide Codes & Standards team in February 2020. At that time, the research team identified a range of additional options that merited further study. These include:

  • Revisiting  base case assumptions
  • Exploring additional HVAC upgrade options
  • Evaluating additional building envelope improvements
  • Assessing lighting: luminaire replacements in addition to lamp replacements
  • Evaluating electrification and electrification-ready measures at equipment change-out
  • Considering the effectiveness of PV system installation when building an addition
  • Requiring additional efficiency upgrades when installing PV

Study authors will present their findings and answer participant questions on all the measures and measure packages analyzed.

  • SDGE - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • Southern California Edison - An EDISON INTERNATIONAL® Company
  • PG&E Corporation

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