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Energy Plus Water Reach Codes

An inextricable link between water and energy, referred to as the water-energy nexus, means that saving water saves energy. Energy savings result from both reduced water heating onsite as well as upstream and downstream activities such as water collection and treatment.

This analysis presents energy and water savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and economic feasibility of over 10 reach code measures, including indoor water efficiency, alternate water sources, and landscape irrigation. For example, the combined landscape irrigation measures can save up to 181,000 gallons of water and 684 kWh of electricity upstream per nonresidential building. These same measures can save up to 67,000 gallons annually per multifamily building.

Local jurisdictions may use the analysis to support adoption of reach codes and may tailor the ordinance language to best suit local goals and prevailing building types.

For additional information, complete the Energy Code Ace Title 20 Essentials: The Water-Energy Nexus online training.

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