Clean Energy Residential Buildings, Key Systems and Energy Modeling for Santa Monica's Reach Codes

Clean Energy Residential Buildings, Key Systems and Energy Modeling for Santa Monica's Reach Codes


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Learn how Santa Monica’s reach code, changes to 2019 Title 24, and new technologies are making it preferable to build all-electric residential buildings that are better, faster, safer, and less costly than their dual-fuel counterparts.

This class will introduce attendees to the methodologies, key technologies and systems needed to successfully convert traditional natural gas end uses to electricity. We will compare all-electric energy designs to traditional dual-fuel designs in the California energy modeling software and analyze cost-effectiveness and quality of life reasons to consider all-electric designs.

Learning Outcomes

How and why Santa Monica’s reach code is structured to promote all-electric buildings and EV charging

• Benefits of all-electric buildings in terms of time, money, aggravation, health and safety

• Key methodologies, technologies and systems used in all-electric homes (rethinking the roof, passive designs and water systems, heat pumps for space conditioning, heat pump water heaters, induction cooktops and electric clothesdryers)

• How to model all-electric systems for Santa Monica and Title 24 compliance

• How the all-electric compliance pathway works in practice – prescriptively and performance modeling

• Cost-effectiveness of all-electric designs compared to traditional designs

• Single-family and multifamily examples plus remodels and ADUs

• Advanced topics (supplemental heat strips in heat pumps, radiant heating, etc)

Moderator: Drew L. Johnstone, Sr. Sustainability Analyst, City of Santa Monica.

Presenters: Nick Brown, President, Build Smart Group & Owner of Net Zero Nest

Robert Fortunato, President, ForStrategy Consulting, Inc. & Owner of Green Idea House

Prerequisites - participants will benefit if they have some background on: Santa Monica’s Reach Code and California's Title 24 Building Energy Standards.

  • SDGE - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • The Gas Company - A Sempra Energy Utility
  • Southern California Edison - An EDISON INTERNATIONAL® Company
  • PG&E Corporation

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